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Property law

Although an agent may already be involved, such as in the case of purchasing a property in Spain, you as a purchaser or seller should appoint a lawyer, as the role of an agent in Spain differs considerably from that of an agent in Sweden. There is no requirement in Spain for agents to be a member of an agents’ association, and there are also no requirements relating to training or liability insurance. Assignments generally only involve facilitating a meeting between buyer and seller.

You should appoint us to make sure that your transaction is secure

Ordinary assignments involve the provision of assistance concerning the purchase or sale of property, but we also provide assistance to clients in connection with many other issues relating to property. Besides acting as advisers, we also represent clients in court in the case of disputes associated with property law issues in Sweden and Spain.

For example, we can assist you with:

  • Purchase and sale of properties and larger property portfolios (apartments are also considered as individual properties in Spain)

  • Purchase agreements and joint ownership agreements

  • Giving property as a gift

  • Tax advice

  • Division of joint property

  • Dissolution of joint ownership for a property

  • Applications for title deeds and registration with the Land Registry

  • Property incorporation

  • Leasing issues

  • Eviction of tenants and occupants

  • Property foreclosure

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